Bryan is an accomplished Senior Executive and Advisor with more than 20 years of success across the software engineering, marketing & advertising, automotive, and graphic design industries.

His broad areas of expertise include e-commerce, web development, online marketing, lead generation, and entrepreneurship.

Hit me up! Seriously, even if we've never met.

I love working with people, sharing knowledge and always open for any constructive feedback.

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."
Targa with Tyler

Targa trophy checkpoint with navigator Tyler Lee


Gettin' sticker bombed for Targa Trophy

Nom, nom, nom

Dinner with the ninja team and friends for Tyler's birthday

GoPro or Go Home

Mounting up for the MFest trek from OC -> Vegas.

Team Bonding

Tracks days are my favorite for team bonding.

Extreme Programming

Server testing and load similation. Some of my favorite times to see who wins.

My Cat

How could you not love a cat who daydreams about a GT3 RS?


goldRush Rally V CarNinja Aventador


Blazing through the desert in the little ninja on Targa Trophy

Art of Hovering

Great get together with team and friends at Lamborghini Newport Beach

Some of my favorite times hanging out with one of my brothers Shane in Cali.

Because Racecar

Ferrari race team visit to Oakley

Family Time

Stepping out of the office for some beach time with Jenn's niece from FL who was visiting.

Milano Cookie Toss

High speed hand-off of some delicious Milano cookies on Targa rally.


Starting line for Modball Rally US West

West Coast Powder

Annual snowboarding trip to Mammoth Lakes


One of the best parts of Cali is Irvine Cars & Coffee every Saturday morning. Manny brought out his Mansory Vincero d'Oro Bugatti

CarNinja Crew

Team shot at HRE open house event.

Epic Shots

Photo shoot of a swarm of R8s attacking our little ninja. Fear not.

Follow the Leader

Leading a stable of horses on Platinum Motorsports cruise.

Kicking it with Kato

Team shot chillin with Kato-san of Liberty Walk at SEMA


Hiking and mountain biking on Catalina Island


Got an exciting opportunity to present at the SEMA Young Entrepreneurs Network with a great group of guys.

Liberty Jump

Sick Liberty Walk 458 at SEMA

Johnny Cage

Mortal Kombat Blancpain edition. Some morning shennanigans at Lambo NB.

Fiat in a Forrest

Weekend cruise through Live Oak Canyon


Driving around w/ Ted7 shooting cars.

Gingerbread Ninjas

I don't remember who found these but they were awesome! Making gingerbread ninjas for our holiday party.

Ugly Sweaters

Holiday party with the team and families.

Targa Trophy

Group shot with some of the clan at the end point of Targa San Diego

Mic Check

My recording studio. Setting up for an exhaust note shoot on our E92 M3 project car.

Targa Trophy

Dual driver / photographer action at red light on Targa.

High Jump

Team pyramid. Seriously if it wasn't for the support of all these guys we couldn't do what we do.

Targa Trophy

Original Ninjas

My first ninjas. My favorite was Donatello.

Family Time

Summertime fun with my grandparents.

Fun in the Sun

Besides coding I really enjoy mountain biking with the wife and team. So many great mountains here too.

Harlem Shake

Behind the scenes at the CarNinja / Eurocar $10 million dollar Harlem Shake

/// Cruises

Enjoying a weekend cruise to Big Bear with Jenn

K1 Speed

Epic go-kart battles at K1 Speed in Irvine, CA.

Why I Love Christmas

One thing I try not to miss yearly is seeing family back in my hometown in upstate NY. White christmases and huge Italian parties. Mmm.


Good to take a break and enjoy a picnic in the park with Jenn.


CarNinja / Eurocar OC cruise with the guys


More fun on another CarNinja / Eurocar cruise through Orange County

Catrinel Menghia

Ok, part of the reason I upgraded the 500 Sport to an Abarth. Got to hang out at LA Auto Show.

Korean Friendship Bell

Shot I snapped on one of our CarNinja / Eurocar cruises to the Korean Friendship Bell.


Group shot with the Modball Rally crew at our stopping point in Vegas.


Gotta dream big!


Team shot at MFest BMW event in Los Angeles

Eurocar Toy Drive

There are so many great food and toy drives around the holidays. Great event annual at Eurocar OC.

In the Zone!

Code time.

Hanging with Jenn by the firepit at our place. No cellphones can be a good thing sometimes.

Birthday Dinner

Another birthday dinner out with the team.

First Skydive

Got to experience skydiving for the first time on Modball Rally in San Diego. What a rush!

Show Car

Our CarNinja E92 M3 on display at the LA Auto Show.


Yeah..ugh. It was like 2am and we just got done driving from Orange County to Vegas for SEMA.


Seriously I love Oakley. THEY BOUGHT A TANK! That's awesome!


Group shot on the CarNinja / Eurocar OC cruise


Birthday dinner with some ninjas and their familes.


Awesome weekend with the F430 Spider. Got some great video on Ortega canyon.

I Like Friends

When a friend tosses you the keys to his tricked out 1M of course you say yes. What a blast with Kirk.

Our First Love

The first CarNinja project car. Our BMW E92 M3.

I Spy a Lambo

Big Lambo meet we all cruised over to Oakley for a photoshoot. Perfect weather.


Got a chance to shoot a whole group of MP4-12Cs after Cars & Coffee on our way to breakfast.

HRE Open House

One of my favorite times of year visiting HRE on their open house days with the team.


One of my favorite shirts from DGK. True story!


What a beautiful machine. Got a chance to check out the Maserati MC12 at Symbolic Motorcars meet.

Go Cuse!

Enjoying a day off of coding support my hometown locals playing in San Diego.

Birthday Fun

What seems to have become an annual tradition with the team on Tyler's birthday. Photo booth at Diamond Jamboree.

Micro Ferrari

Guys at Toys r'Us let us borrow the mini F430 for our Harlem Shake shoot.

OC Auto Show

Autobots at OC Auto Show press day with Tyler.


I need more track days, never enough. Las Vegas Motor Speedway during MFest.

Weekend Cruises

Cruise through Orange County with a bunch of our friends.

Photo Op

Snapping some shots on a weekend cruise.

Clear the Mind

One of my favorite things to just clear my mind is to unplug and go for a run on the beach.


Our little ninja got a crush during goldRush V.

Go Frogs!

Break from the grind showing some team support for Jenn's Alma Mater TCU.


So our social marketing guy Tyler also spins +1. Getting ready for our Harlem Shake shoot at Eurocar OC.


Our goldRush V chariot.


I got nothing. Zeke sleeping in my chair. I can't work in these conditions.


Chillin with all the Libery Walk guys at MFest on track day.


Always entertaining to see what random people on the streets will do for a shot of the Batventador.

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